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Girls U12 (4th, 5th, and 6th Grade)

Team Hays
Hays, Andrea - [email protected]
Hays, Andrew - [email protected]
Stevenson, Dane - [email protected]

Team Miller
Miller, Brent - [email protected]
Kieffner, Erin - [email protected]

Team Villines
Villines, Britanny - [email protected]
Villines, Steven - [email protected]

Girls U9 (2nd and 3rd Grade)

Team Carter
Carter, Thomas - [email protected]
Englebrecht, Annie - [email protected]

Team Chambliss
Chambliss, Don - [email protected]

Team Eberhart
Eberhart, Greg - [email protected]
Williams, Mercedes - [email protected]

Team Maria
Cottier, Maria - [email protected]

Team Osborne
Osborne, Coby - [email protected]
Harding, Jason - [email protected]

Team Smith
Smith, Maren - [email protected]
Vanmeter, Sean - [email protected]
Schaefer, Michael - [email protected]

Girls U6 (K and 1st Grade)

Team Peterson
Peterson, Curt - [email protected]

Team Carley
Carley, Katie - [email protected]
McMinn, Melanie - [email protected]

Team Havill
Havill, Clay - [email protected]
Ray, Julia - [email protected]

Team Straight
Straight, Jerry - [email protected]
Straight, Stacey - [email protected]

Team United 6G
Peterson, Andrew - [email protected]
Peterson, Courtney - [email protected]

Team Yamamoto
Yamamoto, Nick - [email protected]

Boys U12 (4th, 5th, and 6th Grade)

Team Albright
Albright, Alex - [email protected]

Team Austin
Austin, Chris - [email protected]

Team Medina
Medina, Ricardo - [email protected]

Team Sarikie
Sarikie, Emmanuel - [email protected]

Team Shamell
Shamell, Alfonso - [email protected]
Shamell, Nikki - [email protected]
Tresslar, Matt - [email protected]

Boys U9 (2nd and 3rd Grade)

Team Barnett
Barnett, Laura - [email protected]
Keach, Mike - [email protected]

Team Cohorst
Cohorst, Scott - [email protected]
Belcher, Hudson - 

Team Hachem
Hachem, Rafic - [email protected]
Schmidt, Chris - [email protected]

Team Moten
Moten, Abel - [email protected]

Team Taraska
Taraska, Paul - [email protected]

Boys U6 (K and 1st Grade)

Team Schlacter
Schlacter, Becky - [email protected]
Keach, Kevin - [email protected]

Team Wilson
Wilson, Cain - [email protected]
Langerak, Joe - [email protected]

Team Healey
Healey, Nicole - [email protected]
McDowell, Kenzie - [email protected]

Team Havill
Havill, John - [email protected]

Team Maurer
Maurer, Eric - [email protected]


Evansville Youth Soccer League

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